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About us

When you enter the doors at JCC, two things will be clear. #1 we love Jesus and #2 we love each other!


We consider ourselves a small church with a big heart. We really are one big family! And our family is always ready and willing to welcome new members! 

Our service begins at 10am each Sunday.  When you come in, you will be greeted at the door by some of our favorite door holders.  Walk right through our double doors and receive a bulletin from our greeter.  You'll want that bulletin later in the service to take notes.  We'll spend some time praising the Lord through worship songs lead by our band and singers. We enjoy communion each and every Sunday followed by tithes and offerings.  Then you'll get to hear a message straight from our pastor's heart.  We can promise you that you'll get practical takeaways to make your week better!  


We are always happy to connect with you online through our facebook page: JohnstownChristianChurch

our crew:
Tony Shaver
Courtney Shaver

Administrative Assistant


Don James


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